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released April 4, 2013

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andy Cizek*

A Ghost in the Machine is:
Andy Cizek - Vocals/Programming
Zach Mills - Vocals
Jack Rentschler - Guitar/Vocals
Hank Winer - Guitar/Vocals
Alec Ahearn - Bass

Drums performed by special guest Alex Rudinger

Artwork by Andy Cizek and Jack Rentschler

*Drums recorded by Anup Sastry at his studio in Frederick, MD



all rights reserved


A Ghost in the Machine Frederick, Maryland

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Track Name: Roads
My life has been turned upside down
A secret held with the most serious
Of repercussions

This road we travel brings weary eyes
A testament to trying times
But I will never rest
Until I have my vengeance

Staring into every pair of lifeless eyes
My dreams can never be realized

In my mind
I've conjured up another safety net of lies
False hope is all that's left

My hands are stained with the blood of my victims
Their last glimpse of this world was of my smoking gun
But the burden is mine alone
I will not lead him down a path
For which he can't atone

Is there still hope for our broken lives?
Or am I chasing after amity that I'll never find?
I have inherited all of your crimes
I cannot feel my heart tonight

I need the chance to find myself despite this madness
This world is spinning and I'm searching for a little balance
I need your guidance to survive

What have you done?
The sins of a father, should never punish his son.

These 6 weeks have left us tested (Can you feel your broken heart return to life?)
I have felt the cold embrace of revenge
I now search for a place to rest my heavy head (These are our final moments)

I'm sorry, I'm sorry (Can you feel your withered body slowly die?)
Please live a life of peace
So I can pass with my mind at ease (Your mind's at ease)
Track Name: Come What May
Walking along the city streets, sticking to the plan
(They thought they could go unseen)
They were never intended to meet, their story soon began
(Undetected, unchallenged by the day)
They move along the written path, to keep us all in line
(Walking among the rest of us)
To cover mistakes of the past, we're leaving you behind
(Leading to an altered rivers flow)

Just by chance
She caught my eye
Amidst a sea of faces
Simple exchange
Of honest words
It had my heartbeat racing

But every time
As things began
To work out for the better
Obscure events
A shadow hand
Would pull us from each other

Although I have
Found success
Inside I still feel hollow
I aim to carve out
My own path
And hope that they don't follow

I have the tools
And the drive
To make this all be real
Trust me now
We can be
Together unconcealed

Take my hand, don't leave my sight
You'll come to find
That this can't all be real

Save your strength, to stand and fight
And through this night
Together we'll reveal

I have come to a realization
That all I want is you
No one can ever change my mind
This is the life I choose

I've gotta break out if there's a chance that we could be together
What kind of a cruel and unjust force would keep us from each other?
I've finally found something that fills this void and gives me meaning
I need you to open up your heart
Track Name: Let No One Near Me
When I'm all alone
The darkest place in my mind is my only home and I
Can't feel my bones.
This spineless journey to failure is tearing apart my soul

Did I cast the stone
That caused an innocent boy to become so old?
And now I'm growing cold
Struck by the fear that one day I might finally lose control

Overwhelmed by attachment and pain when I look back on my life
Can I say I tried? Did things go awry? Or did I just open up my eyes?

"Don't leave me"
Those words still ringing in my ears
"Stay away"
Are the ones I truly fear

So how much longer can I keep myself alive
When all the drugs I've tried can barely hide the fact that life is all a lie?
I try to cover my eyes, when faced with what lies ahead
But I'll dwell on the pain, and welcome the shame, that comes while I lie in bed

I find myself in a room with my friends. Looking around and everyone's talking and smiling.
But I don't want to be here. I don't want to be anywhere.

Cause I'm too wrapped up in my shattered self-worth. Desperately trying to hide how flawed I am
I want to change it all. I can't accept reality

But maybe one day I'll learn to let go

This passing year
Has been the most distressing of my life

Those dreaded sleepless nights
That left me drained and apprehensive
I'll never forget

But this world is ever-changing
And I feel it in my chest
The time has come to put the past behind me

The lessons that I've learned
Will be the foundation
For something greater, where I will be
Track Name: The Better Man
I knew it would come to this
After all we'd done together
Now we stand as opposites
At our final encounter
The moon is our only witness
This world is slowly torn apart and
We're left picking up the pieces
Shattered far beyond repair

This world has blurred your vision
No room for feeble minds
You fail to make decisions
It takes to stay alive

You're not supposed to be here
You live on borrowed time
So now your own death draws near
I'm taking back what's mine

I see it in your eyes
You are a broken man
Tormented inside
By the blood on your hands
Pushed to the brink
By a world you think you understand
So what's your master plan?
You're just a coward in the end

Please don't make me do this
You're like my fucking brother
How could you be so selfish?
I thought that you were better
This jealousy has left you blinded,
Ashamed of what you've done
I can learn to forgive and forget it
If you'll just put down that gun

You should have known
This path we chose
Just can't end any other way

The ones back home
Will only know
The story I chose to portray

How could you murder me in cold blood?
You think the others won't catch on?
I have a family waiting for my return
To a place we've been reluctant to call home

I am the better man (I've made my vows)
You tore us apart (I won't back down)
How could you make me do this? (I can't let you get the best of me)

I am the better man (No more to say)
You tore us apart (I'll fade away)
How could you make me do this? (Now I'll die along with all my dreams)